Why You Should Consider Becoming a Process Server

process-serversWhy You Should Consider Becoming a Process Server

The initial stages of any legal action are absolutely critical. Complaints must be drafted properly, evidence meticulously scrutinized and papers correctly served. So crucial are these first stages in court cases that the whole case literally hinge upon each one being properly executed. Process servers are part of those all important initial stages of every legal action. They guarantee the due process – which is our joint constitutional right – is served. That function is just one of the reasons to consider becoming a process server; below are a few more:

  • Salaries: Another reason to consider becoming a process server is that since the demand for process servers is high, they command very respectable salaries in some places. While most individual jobs pay between $20 and $80, the salary in some places can be as high as $70,000 a year depending on experience and the amount of jobs a server is able to get. It all depends on how aggressive and successful the server is.
  • Education: Since being a process server requires at least a fundamental knowledge of the law, this knowledge can serve a processer well who decides to go further in the legal field by giving him/her a good foundation upon which to build. While process servers in the state of Utah are not required to be licensed, it still takes knowledge of proper legal procedures to properly serve litigants, and therefore succeed.
  • Status: Being an important part of the justice system means that process servers are in contact with attorneys, sheriffs and judges on a daily basis. In the case of Wasatch Constables our constables have powers and authority beyond a regular Utah process server or private investigator. We can assist with evictions and even arrest trespassers in some cases.
  • Schedule: The hours of a process server are normally regular 9-5 working hours except in some cases where the person served is particularly evasive and more effort is needed. Service can be difficult in these cases but also rewarding once the person in question has been served.

At Wasatch Constables we are a top Salt Lake City process server agency in the state of Utah. Our servers are familiar with the responsibility and training it takes to be a vital part of the legal system. If you need to have papers served consider our experience, training, success rate and the fact that our constables are – under Utah law – empowered with enforcement powers that extend beyond ordinary servers. Wasatch Constables is the only wise choice for process serving.