We’ll Even Fight the Crowds at Sundance Film Festival to Serve for You

Often the process of serving a summons is pretty straightforward; one of our Utah process servers SFF16_WebBanner_Mobile is contracted to deliver a summons to an individual, we determine where that individual is and we serve it to him or her and that is that. (Actually, the process of finding an individual involves the use of the latest technologies which our people expertly utilize.) Occasionally, a subject will refuse to accept the document not knowing that this act acknowledges the document anyway. Then there are those times that test the ingenuity, patience and persistence of the process server. These are situations when the person being served is difficult to find or has elected to attempt to avoid service. At Wasatch Constables we prepare for every contingency. When it comes to proper service we believe in that old adage “Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.” We are a Utah process server that has seen it all.

Crowds may offer a certain degree of anonymity, but our servers are not deterred even by, as an example, crowds that are as large as those that attend the Sundance Film Festival. With careful planning, strategy and experience our servers can even operate in this kind of environment. We know how critical our job is to the legal system and how important your case is to you so we are ready to meet your expectations head on. The most important thing to remember in a situation in which the person being served does not wish to be served is to know that serving a person means nothing if that service is not done properly. It is not just a matter of placing a piece of paper in someone’s hand. The rules of service vary from state to state and are important in fulfilling the requirements of the due process. The person we are serving is as entitled to that right as are our clients. That is why under particularly trying circumstances it is important to have servers who are familiar with the law and won’t yield to the pressure that crowds bring.

Lights, cameras, crowds, loud noises, nothing distracts us from faithfully fulfilling our mission of superlative service to you and to the legal system. That is why we are also qualified to cover skip tracing under similar or even more difficult circumstances. Using Wasatch Constables increases the chances that your papers will be served to the right person and in the right manner no matter where the individual may be – even if it is at the Sundance Film Festival.