We need a Document Runner!

Do you need a job out in the world because sitting behind a desk is misery? Are you naturally organized and always looking for ways to improve? Do you play well with others? If so, we have a job for you!

To keep the legal system humming, our Document Runner picks up and drops off papers from law firms while serving garnishments to banks and businesses: we go into our clients’ offices and pick up their papers, create the shortest driving route, walk into businesses and deliver paperwork to their HR department, and stay kind and professional while serving the legal community

As a Document Runner, a typical day might include:

• Creating routes on a computer or smartphone.
• Entering a dozen or so businesses.
• Giving people legal paperwork and asking them to follow the included instructions.
• Picking up papers from ten clients.
• Being nice and friendly!

Who We Are:

• The Ogden City Constable’s Office.
• A special function law enforcement agency.
• Arguably the largest process serving company in Utah.

What We Have:

• An interesting job to perform.
• A team of disciplined professionals to work with.
• An open mind for new ideas and methodologies.
• A steady stream of work to give.

What You Have:

• A great work ethic; you know you’re a hard worker.
• Attention to detail; something worth doing is worth doing right.
• A natural curiosity; when things don’t add up, you want to know why.
• Motivation to learn; you’re constantly improving.
• A friendly disposition; people think you’re nice.


• A working vehicle.
• A driver license and insurance.
• A background allowing you to become a private investigator.

What You Might Also Have:

• Experience serving process.
• A good understanding of legal concepts.

To land this gig, you should be polished, but you don’t need to be formal. Your resume should show that you’re responsible, organized, and driven. We’ve had former soft drink delivery drivers, fast food workers, and television camera operators work with us and succeed. We’re just looking for great people.