Introducing “Serve of the Week”

Every Thursday we will be publishing our Serve of the Week. Each story is a real-life serve we performed showing the lengths we go to, or the things we endure, to get papers served. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy experiencing them!

And now for our inaugural serve:

At our office, both Deputies Ashley Sorensen and David Cornell work Davis and Weber counties. Deputy Sorensen had tried to serve a paper several times to a woman who would never answer her door. At times, Deputy Sorensen could hear people walking or a television, but still no one answered the door. Deputy Sorensen suspected the resident was trying to avoid service and, from now on, wouldn’t answer the door for a person in full uniform. Deputy Sorensen decided to ask Deputy Cornell for some help.

Deputy Cornell gladly came to the aid of his colleague.

Deputy Cornell had an idea; a theatrical performance designed to get the target to come to him. Deputy Cornell put on a large jacket to hide his uniform and duty belt. He drove a blue sports car to the target’s house parking it in front. He then lifted the hood as someone would do if the car was having a problem. Deputy Cornell then gave a performance worthy of a daytime Emmy. He looked at his engine for a few minutes and checked multiple points: the oil was fine; battery cable good; windshield wiper fluid, check. After sufficiently failing to find something wrong with her perfectly working car, Deputy Cornell made his way to the target’s front door.

Deputy Cornell knocked and said “Is anyone home? I’m having some car trouble and was wondering if I could use your phone?”

A woman came to the door.

“Hi. My car isn’t running and I was wondering if I could borrow your phone?” Deputy Cornell said.

“Oh I’m sorry, I don’t have one.” the Woman replied.

“Shoot… Do you know either of your neighbors? Maybe I could ask one of them?”

“This guy next door” the woman pointed to her right, “his name is Jim. You can try him.”

“Okay. Thanks. I appreciate your help. I’m Dave, what’s your name?”

“Hi Dave, nice to meet you. I’m xxxx” she replied.

“Ma’am, I’m with the Ogden City Constable’s office. I have some paperwork for you.”

Deputy Cornell handed the woman the papers and advised her to read the entire packet. Having confirmed her identity, Deputy Cornell personally served her. With a little acting, Deputies Sorensen and Cornell successfully served our clients documents.