Auction: Gunnerson Case

Case: Gunnerson v. Gunnerson

Case #: 124901238

Notice is hereby given that the Ogden City Constable’s Office will conduct a constable’s public auction on all of the right, title, and interest of the property described below.

Date: July 16, 2015
Time: 11:00 AM

Lost Recovery Inc.
1668 S 1100 W.
Ogden, Utah 84404

All property is sold “as is” and no warranty, expressed or implied, is included. All property sales are final.

All property must be removed immediately. Prior to receiving/obtaining the property, the successful bidder must make payment in full at the time of the sale. (Cash or Certified Funds only).

All property is subject to pick-up and storage fees and must be paid prior to the removal of the property by the successful bidder.

The property includes:

Remington 870 Shotgun,
Ruger 10-22,
Tool Boxes,
Table Saw,
Work Carts,
Chain Saw,
Smoker Trailer,
1998 Dodge Van

The property is pictured as follows:

Gunnerson_20150706_01 Gunnerson_20150706_05 Gunnerson_20150706_06 Gunnerson_20150706_09 Gunnerson_20150706_43 Gunnerson_20150706_54 Gunnerson_20150706_58 Gunnerson_20150706_59 Gunnerson_20150706_62 Gunnerson_20150706_69 Gunnerson_20150706_70 Gunnerson_20150706_74 Gunnerson_20150706_76 Gunnerson_20150706_79 Gunnerson_20150706_85 Gunnerson_20150706_87 Gunnerson_20150706_93